“A girl I’ve been dating for 4 years recently got engaged to a guy she calls her bestie” – Man cries out

A man by name Seyi Bello took to Twitter to narrate how her mother found out at her place of work that the girl he’s been dating for 4 years is getting married to another guy that she’s always posting with the caption “Best.”

Some men give room for their girlfriends to make male friends or even as their best friends, hoping that there’s nothing wrong with it, while some others don’t due to trust issues or jealousy.

According to Seyi, his mother came back from work and was explaining how she was talking about his girlfriend at work when her colleague there told her that the said girlfriend recently got engaged to her son.

He further explained that her mother was so embarrassed at work that when she eventually showed him the guy’s photo, he discovered that he was the exact guy that his girlfriend used to post on social media as her best, and that made him depressed for more than a month.

In his words,

“well, they are getting married next month and I don’t think I will wish them a happy married life.”

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