A female barrister, proposes to her carpenter boyfriend


Sonny, a 25 year old school dropout, decides to train his secondary school girl in the university.

His only source of livelihood was his carpentry work.

The merger income wasn’t even enough to take care of his personal needs, but he was bent on sending Akachi, his girlfriend to the university.

People laughed at him.

His parents begged him to retrace his steps, but all their pleas fell on deaf ears.

Soon, Akachi got admission and left for the university.

Before she left, she visited her boyfriend Sonny to bade him goodbye as well as collect money for her necessary fees.

Sonny became scared after hearing the sad story his friend told him about a final year student who ditched her boyfriend who had helped her for so many years.

But that didn’t deter him from sending the little money he makes to her.

After 4 years, Akachi graduates and returns home.

Months later, she was called to bar as a full-time, practising lawyer.

Then, this particular day, she visited her boyfriend in his carpentry shop and while everyone watched, she brought out a ring and proposed to him.

He was still smiling when someone suddenly tapped him from behind.

“Brother, have you started dreaming again? His little brother calls out, placing a bowl of garri and palm kennel nuts beside him.