A farewell massage to Maryam Sanda


The verdict of the Abuja high court didn’t come to me as a surprise though it touched my heart, I feel very bad for you, how I wish you didn’t try anything like what you’ve done, but destiny is written and planned by God, the is no way you can runaway from it. I pray that The Almighty forgive you, may He bless the little baby you will leave behind. Amen

My concern is only for the little baby Maryam Sanda will live behind. She’ll live to remember her slain father and butcher mother. An eye for an eye and soul for a soul will deter others with her mindset to refrain, whenever she’s tempted to kill anybody.

My prayer is, the stigma of slaying husband will not follow her daughter at the verge of marriage. May she be better housewife than her mother and may the soul of her father continue to rest in peace. Amin.

In spirit human feelings and sympathy, I commiserate with the killer and her immediately family. Rest in peace Sanda, in advance.