9th Assembly: Orji Kalu begs APC, reveals why Deputy Senate President should be zone to Southeast


Orji Kalu, Senator-elect for Abia North, has urged the All Progressives Congress, APC, to zone the Deputy Senate President to the South-East.

He said zoning the position to the South East will be in line with the diversity of Nigeria.

Speaking during the ongoing induction of Senators-elect and House of Representatives members-elect on Monday, Kalu said APC as a party should look at diversity, because “diversity is our strength.”

He said, “I am a very loyal party man. The party has already zoned the position of Senate President. I can never disobey the party. The party is supreme.

“What I am asking the party to zone the deputy Senate President to the South East, so that I will not disobey the party by going on the floor of the House, which I have the capacity, if I am allowed to do that.

“What I am asking the party as they have zoned this position of Senate President to North East, they should as well zone the position of the deputy Senate President to South East, so that I don’t go to contest out of zone.

“I can contest against whoever comes from the South East or the caucus of the South East can go back and decide what the party wants within the South East.

“What I am pleading with the leaders of the National Working Committee and other leaders, let us not divide this party. All of us are loyal to the country. We are loyal to the constitution. We are also loyal to our party. I want that loyalty to continue, so that none of us will deviate from the party”.