90 year old man arested after calling Police on prost itute who robbed him


A 90-year-old Massachusetts man who was arrested for soliciting a prost itute when he told police the woman stole jewelry from him after he paid $100 for a se x act.
When Nicholas Salerno was informed criminal charges might be brought against him, he responded with, “I don’t give a fck. I’m 90 years old for Christ’s sake.”

Salerno reportedly turned over the name of the se x worker who visited him in June for a se xual encounter. He says he got her info from a friend who “paid a girl one hundred dollars for a blo wjob,” and his friend added the lady “would do it for him too.”

According to the Smoking Gun,Salerno says he paid the woman $100 for a bl ow job, but, when she left, she took a gold chain worth $500 with her. The same chain later showed up at a local pawnshop.
Salerno was charged prosti tution and larceny over $250 and pleaded not guilty. The charges against Salerno were dropped,over his inability to properly hear the judge in court . The woman has a Sept. 1 court appearance.

The Police report below



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