7 amazing health benefits of eating water leaf


Water leaf is a herbaceous annual and perennial plant that has green leaves that are edible. This vegetable is mostly found in West Africa and western North America. This vegetable is loved in most parts of Nigeria and is used in making different delicacies.

The botanical name of this vegetable is Talinum triangulare and is known as Gbure, Inene, Alenruwa, Nte oka. The leaves and stems of this plant are consumed as vegetables. In some parts of the country, it grows as a weed and is usually more abundant in rainy season.

Water leaf like most vegetables has a short life cycle and is considered a perishable plant. It is used in the preparation of soups and stews. Sometimes, it could be eaten raw when it is added into salads. It could be sometimes added to okro soup to make it richer and greener.

This leafy plant is considered to be a rich source of vitamins and proteins. The protein content could be likened to that of cashew nuts, millets and cowpeas.

Find below some of the health benefits of eating water leaf:

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