6ix9ine’s babymama accuses him of deleting her Instagram from jail


Incarcerated rapper ,Tekashi 6ix9ine has a lot on his plate now and it has nothing to do with the possibility of spending a long time in jail .

His babymama,Sara has been bashing him on Instagram and even got into a spat with his friend and media personality,Akademiks .

She has accused 6ix9ine of deleting her Instagram account .

Sara who had been off Instagram since 6ix9ine’s arrest ,activated a new account had asked her followers to get her to a 100 thousand followers to ‘spill tea’.

When Akademiks accused her of being a clout chaser ,she took to Instagram Live to blast him and accused 6ix9ine of not calling her or his child since he was arrested .She also alleged he beat her and almost knocked her teeth off .

She said her previous Instagram accounts were always deleted by 6ix9ine.

She also claimed she was with him for seven years and narrated how she would steal meat from her mum’s fridge to feed him .

She said now the stardom has come ,he has forgotten about the struggle .


Barely a day after her re-evaluation ,her Instagram account with 105 thousand followers was deleted .

She took to her mum’s Instagram live to reveal 6ix9ine ‘s team deleted her account again .

She revealed this time ,they won’t stop her from saying the truth .

Her dad also raised alarm on his Instagram account.