“There’s more to life than finding someone who wants you”- Jordin Sparks


Jordin Sparks seems to be bent on moving on from Sage the Gemini after his ex leaked an audio tape of him saying he was using her for publicity, she is annoying and he thinks of stabbing her ..He even revealed she gave him $70k to get a house .
The ex released the tape a day after he wrote an open letter,begging her to pick his calls..Now, the beauty whose last relationship with Jason Derulo ended badly says there is more to life than finding someone who wants you.

Spend time with your family, encourage each other, eat the cupcake, listen to a child laugh, look at the bright side of things, hold a puppy, give yourself some TLC, plant a seed & watch it grow, draw closer to Jesus, pray, be still….Life is beautiful & there are so many amazing reasons to be happy! “She wrote




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