6 vital things to do after NYSC POP


This article, seek to expose you to six vital things to do after NYSC POP (Passing Out Parade).

A lot of Corps members fail to prepare themselves for life after NYSC POP because they think it will be so easy.

In case you don’t know, there is only few job opportunities out there, and you got many job seekers like you to compete with. Some of them are even more qualified than you.

For this reason, we have highlighted 6 vital things to do after NYSC POP.

6 things to do after NYSC POP
Below are 6 things you should do after NYSC POP;

1. Exchange contacts

Exchange contact with your colleagues, and keep in touch
Do not get yourself drunk with the excitement of passing out.

At the time of your passing out, don’t only take photos with your colleagues but also exchange your contacts with them.

This way you will know what is going on in their lives. If there is any opportunity they will tell you about it.

2. Create a professional Profile

This is very important, although many fresh graduates today underestimate it. You need a professional drafted profile on linkedin.com. This will enable you to connect with potential employers.

3. Get your CV ready

You need to prepare a good CV and cover letter, and keep them handy. Make sure you have a copy in your mail box and also on your phone if possible.

You don’t know when it will be needed. So, you wouldn’t want to lose an opportunity in an Oil Company just because you couldn’t provide your CV when it was needed.

4. Build a network

You need to leave your comfort zone to network professionals. You can go out for events to meet new people. By ‘events’ we don’t mean going to ‘night clubs’.

You can attend seminars, conference, etc. Also, meet people in churches and mosques.

5. Announce yourself

Many people around you may not know you need a job. So, you have to tell them yourself.

If your are into business announce your business everywhere you go.

6. Start small

Starting small doesn’t make you small. We understand that you have a dream to work in an oil company (Shell, Chevron, NNPC, etc.) but you have to start from somewhere.

You can start with a N30,000 job to gain working experience that will catapult you to your dream job.

If it is a business you want to venture into, start small even with as little as with N50k, and grow from there. Start small and think big.