6 types of shoes every real Lady should have in her shoe rack


Roses are to valentines days as shoes are to outfits. Tontrends present 6 types of shoes every real Lady should have in her shoe rack.

Would you call an outfit nice if the shoes do not compliment it? No. That is why you need to be prepared for any occasion with the right shoes.

The below options would be useful if you are planning to shop new shoes soon. Or, you could use the list to help you pack the right shoes as you go on a trip.

1. Closed, Pointy toed Stiletto Heels

These shoes spell class. You can have the in whatever colours you want but I would suggest you get them in black or red. You can also get whatever length you can comfortably walk on. It is very good for those meetings, dinner nights and events. Show that you are a baby girl in them. So tell me, why dont you have them?

2. White Sneakers

See ehn, you can buy any type of colour of sneakers you want but if you don’t have a white one in your closet, other ones dont matter. White sneakers are the classiest types of sneakers. You would love them more if they are pure white and are a little above the ground. Chai! You will just be bouncing when you wear them. They are great for fun events and outings. Want to buy designers? Try Nike or Fila. I love them.

3. Low Block Heels

Block low heels have being stereotyped to be boring but they are not. They are perfect for the days you dont feel like heels but you still want to carry the class it brings, you need this. I would buy one made with a suede material if I were you.

4. Sandals

Sandals are the most comfortable ways to look chic. Very good for days you just want to let go and be free. You need a sandal on that shoe rack, if you dont have one. It is advisable to get a rubber sandals so it can serve you during raining seasons as well. Or, you could get both.

5. Flat Shoes

Flat shoes comes in difference shapes and the moment you fall in love with them, youll want them all. So, go into the market and get yourself these. Very handy for those cooperate meetings you just dont want too much attention on yourself. Winks.

6. Slippers

You can want them as slides, flip flops, leather slippers, as whatever but you know the satisfaction you get when you wear them. You get the feeling of a child only from wearing slippers. Perfect for beach hangouts and errands to the mall. It can be properlystyled to be good enough for outings with friends to the movies or wherever.

So, now, grade yourself. How many of these do you have? 4/6 and beyond is a real lady.

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