“6 Diseases That Could Embarrass You In The Public”


There are varieties of infirmities that can really cause you an embarrassment in the public. The various of these infections are stated below.

1. SCABIES – scabies are skin infections caused by a tiny micro organism called the “itchmite”
if you have been infected by itchmite, these organism will bore thru your skin and deposit millions of eggs in your skins which will lead to irritation in your skin, private organs, armpits, bottom (nyash) leading to an extreme itch and rash, you will scratch your those aforementioned parts heavily, even in the public, when the itching seems severe, you’ll scratch and scratch, causing severe embarrassment. This happened to a lady once in the road and she felt so downcasted. Scabies could be contacted through contact with the infected persons and sharing of clothes, and also through sex.
2. SORE &ITCHING THROAT – this is an extreme irritation in the throat which leads to itching inside the throats as you will find all possible means to alleviate it but all to no avail.
3. PILE – when a severe pile hits you up it will lead to a perpetual purging and defecation of blood. You will go to toilet times without number and even in the school, work or any public place, the urge to make use of the toilet is so uncontrollable.

4. BRONCHITIS/PNUEMONIA i remember vividly when i was affected by this disease, my respiratory organs had no rest as the doctor diagnosed a lung leakage in my body, this affected me through out the whole of a semester in my school. When i felt the pains of it in my lungs i will squat down and make several turns in my body to the amazement of the public viewers.

5. CATTARH – this is one of the most disgusting, irritating and nauseating infection, the release of the yellowish mucus by the mucuor membrane through the nose is so egregiously nauseating to the next person close to you. To make matters worse, if youre affected with an extreme severe catarrh, try and go out without your handkerchief.

6. HERPATITIS – if youre diagnosed with this sickness, the white of your eyes will metamorphose into yellow, your skin will look pale and you will loose much weight and you will be tantamount to an hiv patient.
These 6 aforementioned diseases are so egregious and could cause you an embarrassment in the public.
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