51-year-old trans inmate removed from women’s prison after raping female cell mate

A 51-year-old transgender who was arrested for raping women was moved from a female cell to a men’s cell after raping a female cellmate in the restroom.

After being charged with rape, a man known as Tremaine Deon Carroll, who identifies as transgender was detained in a women’s prison.

Tremaine “Tremayne” Deon, also known as Carroll, was previously accused of three counts of “oral copulation,” which is the act of compelling female victims to engage in oral sex with him.

However, these charges were later dropped. Trayne is now alleged to have suffered another stroke after attacking and raping his female cellmate in the Central California Women’s facility’s shower.

A California legislation that permits transgender inmates to be confined in a setting that corresponds with their gender identity is what allowed Carroll to be kept inside the female cell.

Carroll, who is 51 years old, stands 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs roughly 200 pounds.

Carroll, who has not had sex-reassignment surgery, self-identifies as a trans woman and sports a thick black and gray wig in police pictures.

Jane Doe asserts Carroll moved cells, and as soon as he did, he started showing her sexual interest.

Carroll supposedly left her sultry letters. She said Carroll had approached her when they were in the room for the second time.

Jane Doe claimed to have declined each and every approach. But she said Carroll attacked her less than a day later in the rest room.

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