5 things Davido did to win chioma’s heart


For over two years now, on of Nigerian finest music artist Davido and Chioma who many knows as Chef Chi have being in a very serious relationship and welcomed a cute baby, not only that. What exactly did Davido do to win beautiful Chioma’s heart in the first place, you will find out below;

1) Hardworking: Chioma was happy to know the man who loves her despite that his father is a Billionaire, he is not lazy and seating at home waiting to inherit his father’s money and property, but inside he is hardworking and already making a name for himself and going places.

2. Kind hearted: When a guy is kind hearted and does things with love to people around him, he wins the heart of any lady, because she will feel if he can do this to family and friends, he will do more for his partner.

3. Dressing: A lot of guys forget that ladies like it when their man is always well dressed and never caught unaware, you want to keep winning the heart of your partner, always be deliberate about your dress sense at all time.

4. Flaunt her: Everyday wants to see that you show her to the world and your world that she means so much to you, this Davido never stops doing as he even dedicated a song to her.

5. Spend for her: Ladies most times do not need you to rob a bank for them, but with the little you have, and you getting her what you can afford, she wants to know that you are willing to spend for her and take care of her needs.