5 reasons why your breath stinks bad


Bad breath is a very terrible health condition that affects approximately 30% of people across the globe. It is very normal to wake up with bad breath.

However, if after brushing, flossing, mouth-washing, and without consuming anything like garlic, you still experience it, then there is a problem. Let’s show you how to avoid it by giving you 5 reasons why your breath stinks bad:

1. Reducing carbs

Decreasing carbs and increasing your protein consumption can cause bad breath. Why? They make your body break down fat for energy and create ketones. And these excess ketones really stress your kidney.

2. Skipping meals

It could be intentional or for fasting reasons, but it poses serious risks to your breath. Not eating will decrease the production of saliva and this will lead to bacteria with bad breath as the end result.

3. Chewing gum excessively

These gums come with invisible sugars that can result in the piling up of sticky plaque on the teeth. That will foster bacteria and then, bad breath.

4. Dehydration

This can lead to halitosis since bacterias in the mouth will keep growing the longer it stays dry.

5. Strep Throat

Strep is a bacterial infection, not a virus. And they aid bad breath according to a popular medicine expert, Dr. Grbic. Other types of sinus infections can be responsible as well.