5.7″ Raheem Sterling Tries To Square Off 6.2″ Joe Gomez In The England Camp, Gets Sent Home

Raheem Sterling Tries To Square Off Joe Gomez

Raheem Sterling appears to be a bitter individual when he took a bust up he had with Joe Gomez when his club Manchester city played Liverpool over to the English national camp as he tries to jack up the much bigger Joe Gomez, asking him “Are you still a big man now?”. It reads comical, it sounds comical and trust me, it is indeed comical. Twitter has been flooded with memes of Raheem Sterling’s childish antics, especially his lack of reasoning for going after Joe Gomez after they had made peace at the end of the Liverpool v Manchester City Match. Many people think, Raheem Sterling might have been provoked by the social media reaction to the earlier bust-up where his chances of tackling Joe Gomez was dismissed by all parties due to his small size, which made him go to the extreme to prove his point.

Sterling has been sent home from the England camp and he has also issued an apology, here is what he has to say for himself: