42-year-old Woman who was abandoned by her husband delivers baby in Taxi


A scene was created at the Akobo area of Ibadan, Oyo State, on Thursday, as a 42-year old woman, Olutoke Blessing was delivered of a girl in a taxi.

Before being taken into a taxi by a Samaritan, several Nigerians had gathered around Olutoke who was groaning in labour pains.

Speaking with Our source at the Primary Health care centre, Alegongo, Akobo, Olutoke said she was abandoned by the man who impregnated her.
Olutoke said her husband had rejected her while telling her to abort the pregnancy when it was five months old.

Noting that she left their Amuloko home for General gas area of Akobo following a June flood that destroyed their properties, she had been all alone, largely fending for the welfare of her five-year-old son and husband since 2013.

Lying on the hospital bed and uncertain about where to return to after being discharged, Olutoke rent out a cry for help to Nigerians to enable her to take care of her two children.

“I took care of my first child all alone. The man who impregnated me abandoned me and my child and has married another woman.

“Since 2013, he collects the money I generate from my struggle.

“I currently live at Rainbow area, and I’m looking for accommodation. I squat with a sister of mine but she has also given me an ultimatum to go to my own house.

“I went to General Gas, under bridge, today in labour pains, with the expectation that I will get someone to have mercy on me and help me.

“I need help to take care of these children. My firstborn is brilliant. I need God’s mercy.

“In June, the man who impregnated me flogged me with his Muslim rosary asking me to abort my five months old pregnancy.

“I am done giving birth as I am quite of age. I want my children to prosper. I have really passed through a lot of challenges,” Olutoke recounted.