4-yr-old accidentally donated 500k to fake Nigerian charity using her father’s credit card


Los Angeles, California, a four-year-old girl donated $510 000 to a fake charity in Nigeria, Africa using her father’s credit card.

Jack Murphy, a 33-year-old father, said he thought it was a joke when he saw a notification about a $510 000 donation made to Obologan children’s home in Lagos, Nigeria. “I deleted the email because I thought that was some spam email, I saw the words Lagos and Nigeria, and I thought that was classic spam mail. The real shock came 8 hours later when I went home and start checking texts on my phone, the same notification, and I knew for sure that was a real notification from my bank”.

Murphy said he remembered that he used his card to buy his daughter a few games on an android tablet, and he saved it for future purchases. My daughter told me she was playing a game and clicked on a charity ad that was always popping up on the screen, and that’s all she can remember.

His tech-savvy friends found out that a bogus charity was set up in Nigeria and ran ads in first world countries asking for donation targeting devices used by children and the elderly.

Some of these scammers use names of real charities that exist and take the donations for themselves. They then take the money off of their PayPal or bank accounts and buy cryptocurrency with it and close down the fake ads campaign in the part of the world where they had successfully scammed people and set up another fake charity ads.

Unfortunately for Murphy, his money is gone, and the likelihood of getting it back are close to zero. You can avoid this type of loss by using a debit card with just enough money to buy games, and it is also a good idea to make sure you purchase all the games your child plays on the tablet and avoid all free games.