4 Boyfriends?- How on earth would Toke manage dating four men?- VIDEO


Four boyfriends at a go?—we are not sure Toke Makinwa is ready for this one.

Everyone is indoors and everyone is almost bored out of their freaking minds. Since the quarantine, it is as if there is nothing else to do staying at home, even if you are working…

…there just is not much to do. As one of her ways of killing boredom, Toke decided to test her South African accent with the Tiktok app.

In a rather hilarious video she shared, she says all she wants is a single boyfriend in her life but if God decides to give her four, she definitely would not decline that kind offer.

Toke has said in the past that it gets lonely sometimes and even advised that ladies try as much as they can to step out of their comfort zone which is their homes if they ever want to get married.

Just yesterday, she was telling women how it is necessary for them to own some sort of help toy in the bedroom (if you know what I mean…) this year adding that she already has four pieces of such pleasurable bedroom toys.