4 Babymamas Emerges As Kelechi Iheanacho Sets To Marry 2nd Wife After leaving 1st Wife Stranded In UK


Leicester City forward, Kelechi Iheanacho is reportedly set to wed his biracial beauty named Amaka whom he met on Instagram in February 2019.

According to Stelladimokokorkus, the 23-year-old Footballer has already paid the bride price of his girlfriend of five years Amarachi in May 2019.

Stella said Amarachi collapsed and fainted in the UK when she heard Kelechi was about to pay another bride price on someone else (Amaka).

Amarachi, who went to London to spend the Christmas with Kelechi, was left stranded when he refused to take her calls immediately she landed in the UK.

And as a result of that, she ended up going over to a friends place to stay, only for her to hear that her husband was about to pay the bride price of his new found love.

Stella also alleged that the 23-year-old
Nigerian footballer has 13 year old son in
Owerri whom he refers to as his brother.

He has a five year old daughter in Enugu, he has another son in Manchester with his biracial girlfriend and also a 6 month old daughter named Mercy with another girlfriend named Tobi with whom he relocated to Manchester.

He bought cars for all the women in his life and has promised all of them Marriage but has so far only paid the Bride price of Amarachi.

An insider disclosed that his family members and close friends know all the ladies because he introduced each one to the family and friends to make her feel special.

When he is with one, he tells the others that he is working…

“He takes all of them to his house and makes them feel good.he got all of them visas and send them all around the World.If you get pregnant,you must abort it.The ones who had the babies did so stubbornly.
“All of them are currently in contact and have found out he told them same stories,bought them same gifts and played them same way with the Marriage talk.
“These Ladies are just finding out about each other and wondering how they dated him for years but there were no signs he was serial,he was very good and that is why they are shocked….Amarachi collapsed and is still in hospital taking drips and tablets,Chioma is crying and has left the social media.
“All the baby mamas are in shock,especially Tobi who has been posting photos of what a lovely Christmas she had.”