3rd class graduate lists her achievements, slams man who mocked the grade


A woman has listed her achievements on social media, despite graduating with 3rd class degree, while also taking a swipe at a man who mocked those with the grade.

3rd class graduate list her achievements, slams man who mocked the grade lailasnews

It all started on Twitter after a man attempted to mock those who graduated with a second class lower result and less. The man wrote on Twitter:

“How can your CGPA be 2.2.”

A Twutter user, then replied him, by explaining that her sis had a 3rd class degree, before going on to be awarded by the French government. The sis also replied by listing her achievements in a remarkable career.

@Aishah_Kabir responded:

” My sister finished uni with a 3rd class & got awarded by the French government, worked for NCDC, got invited by WHO because they needed her expertise… The list is endless. Your cgpa doesn’t determine your value and worth. Don’t let tweets like this deter you. Keep pushing! “

The sister she was referring to then replied;

I am the sister. Sister is me. And the list is as follows:

DFID UNICEF WHO AFD FGN I get paid (some on retainer) to share expertise in information systems, digital economy and women inclusion in STEM. What have you done with your 2.2?