31-year-old woman unexpectedly goes into labour, gives birth to healthy baby girl at train station (photos)


– Woman unexpectedly goes into labour pain and gives birth at train station

– The blessed lady was reportedly on her way to Johannesburg from Pretoria

– By the time ambulance arrived at the station, she had already given birth

– The baby girl and her mom are reportedly in perfect health

A 31-year-old woman who was traveling by Gautrain to Johannesburg from Pretoria suddenly went into labour pain and gave birth at a train station.

When the labour started, the train officials reportedly called for an ambulance. But it seems the baby girl was in a hurry to come out. By the time the hospital vehicle arrived to at the scene, the unnamed mother had already delivered.

“The mother and her baby are in perfect health. Everyone was very happy to receive the first ever baby born at this station,” says Kesagee Nayager, Gautrain spokesperson.

According to the officials, the blessed lady delivered her girl at the station on Thursday in the morning hours.

She reportedly delivered through the natural way with the help of staff at the station. Fortunately, there was no complication.

Woman, 31, unexpectedly goes into labour, gives birth to baby girl at train station


The mother and her newborn were then taken to hospital for a special medical attention to ensure that everything was okay with both of them.

It’s not yet clear what name the baby was given.


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