30-year-old finally gets a job offer after he was taken to court by his parents because he wouldn’t move away from home


30-year-old Michael Rotondo made the news after his New York parents took him to court because he refused to leave home even after they gave him 5 eviction notices (read here).

Michael lost the eviction case but has gotten a job out of the publicity his story generated. The day after his family court battle made headlines, Michael was offered a job by online cam site, CamSoda. CamSoda sent him a letter of employment which TMZ has obtained.

In the letter, the company first offered Michael condolences on losing the eviction case then offered him a paying gig in its “LifeStream” program. CamSoda made its name as the site where porn stars do online camming but Michael will not be expected to be involved in porn. According to the letter, the program “allows people to livestream their candid lives 24/7” and that’s what they are offering Michael.

Michael would get $1,000/month for up to 6 months, if he accepts the offer. He is yet to get back to the company as regards their offer.


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