3-year-old Q’ela tears up after hearing her parents voices for the first time


A toddler identified as Q’ela Pierce, 3, was overcome with so much emotions when she heard her parents voices for the first time in her life. She had been deaf since birth but things changed when her cochlear implant was switched on.

In the viral video, Q’ela who was recorded playing with her toys, immediately puts her hands to her head before bursting into tears as she takes in sounds for the first time. It wasn’t the activation that hurt the 3-year-old but the shock when she heard her parents, Nikitia Vasser, 33, and Quaneef Pierce, 25.

Her dad is seen taking a minute to calm Q’ela down then he slowly says his daughter’s name, which immediately attracts her attention. She then puts her hands to her head but reacts with excitement at hearing father say her name. She had recovered from that initial shock.

The surgery reportedly took place on August 29 in Nemours Children’s Hospital, Orlando, Florida. However, it wasn’t until October 3, when her incision had fully healed, that her family were able to attend the activation.

Quaneef shared the video on Facebook – declaring, ‘First time hearing and it broke my heart’.