Check out birthday wish Alex Unusual gave to Alex Ekubo


Birthdays comes once in a year, friends to who ever is celebrating his or her birthday always takes various means to celebrate their friends. Especially this era of social media many people always utilise this means to wish their friends well and tell them that which they always hope and wish for them.

That was the case with Nigeria’s big brother finalist Alex unusual. Alex who took out time to celebrate her friend Alex Ekubo who’s marking his birthday took to her Instagram page to wish her friend well and also said some things that got people talking.

In her words: “Today won’t go down in history of I don’t wish our compound rat @alexxekubo a happy birthday. The most annoying of them all but still one that looks out for me. There is no insult you haven’t given me in this life but 😂 I know that you care 😂. May the Lord bless your new age with a your positive wishes in life. By the way guys, he will be one of the judges for my boyfriend audition so come fresh😂. Happy birthday big brother. Let’s keep praying food doesn’t ki you in this life and one last thing, whenever they call Alex and I’m around, please don’t turn until you hear “Alex small”. Thanks 😔.

*********************************************Ok, birthday wish is done. @alexxekubo please where are my slides and shades? I’ll soon call you out. You think I’m joking 😔.. Our skin @lavvanna_skin

Love from (Alex big, Alex dark, Alex girl and annoying, small rat)”

This got to Alexxekubo who in turn told her to come to the room that he wants to show her something. This his comment generated a lot of reactions as many started warning Alex unusual not to go so as not to be beating blue black.