22-year-old Porsche driver dies after his car flew off the road and crashed into the second story of a building


Braden DeMartin, 22, has died alongside his 23-year-old friend after his Porsche Boxter crashed into the second storey of a building.

Braen was speeding in his $50,000 Porsche Boxter with his friend, Daniel Foley by his side when a fun ride quickly degenerated into a tragedy. The Porsche hit a center median, struck an embankment and rammed into the second floor of a commercial building in New Jersey more than 15 feet above the ground. They died on the spot.
Friends and family took to social media to pay tributes to the pair.

Foley’s girlfriend posted on Facebook:

‘I loved you with every atom and molecule that make up my body. I will always love you. Our relationship was one of the greatest love stories I will remember. Thank you for being in my life and thank you for showing me how much I could love someone.’

‘Although we went out separate ways a little bit ago I will always be grateful for you, for the laughs and lessons we had, for every touch we shared and I will always love you.

‘I’m sick to my stomach writing this and I wish this was all just a bad dream. I’m speechless and I wish I had more to say, I do but I can’t seem to put the right ones together. Praying for your family. I wish I could have seen you one last time. I wish this wasn’t real. Rest softly and peacefully, sweet boy.’