The best parts of my life don’t make it to the internet – Naira Marley


The Internet has become a home to many people where they pretend to be what they are not especially on social media.

Some people who are struggling in reality will take to social media where they will pretend and act as if all is well with them.

Nigerian controversial artiste, Naira Marley is against that kind of lifestyle as he disclosed that the best parts of his life doesn’t make it to the internet.
Naira Marley shared this via his Twitter where he wrote, “The best parts of my life don’t make it to the internet.”

He also advised people to make sure they are happy in real life and not pretend to be happy on social media.

“Make sure you’re happy in real life, don’t just look happy on social media,” Naira Marley wrote.

“I think some people should put “want attention” in their bio,”he added.