Fans Beg Billionaire’s Daughter DJCuppy For Money As Hunger Increases Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

DJ Cuppy

The daughter of Nigerian billionaire Otedola was shocked as many of her fans have turned to beggars.

Days ago her father donated a billion naira to the federal government to assist in the fight against Coronavirus pandemic.

The young lady just made a fun post asking her fans to judge if she is beautiful or not.

But the reply she got might surprise her,

See her post,

“Apart from being talented, I have got pretty looks too❤❤❤❤ Cuppy on a mission 💰 | Double tap on this post to show me some love if I am pretty like that.”

Truly, as a daughter of a billionaire she may not know how hungry people are right now as the poor and the rich battle against Coronavirus.

The comments would truly give her sleepless night. See their comments,

Truly,I hope she goes through those comments and help her fans because financial help is what they need this time around.Soon they may not see money to come online to comment on your posts if you don’t help them out.

Djcuppy is a beauty to behold but your fans need a giveaway more than anything.

What’s your take on this ?