Coronavirus: How I treated myself after I started showing symptoms – AMVCA attendee Folu Storms


Former on air personality and entrepreneur Folu Storms has revealed that she thinks she has the Coronavirus, days after attending the AMVCA where a confirmed case was present.

She narrated how she’d started noticing symptoms just sometime after returning from the show which included weakness, coughing etc.

She had then called her parents who advised her to get in touch with the NCDC which she did after immediately isolating herself.

She narrated how she’d then used alkaline solution (hot lemon water) and others to keep her symptoms under check when it began to get worse.

Folu who revealed that she’d once survived the swine flu in London added that she made use of bitter kola in fighting the disease as symptoms persisted.

She noted that the Government was doing its best and that Nigerians needed to also try out healthy routines that could save their lives as those who got the fastest responses were most likely going to be celebrities and important politicians.

She made this known on her podcast series as she said she could feel her body fighting the disease as she slowly got better.