2023: Peter Obi Presidency will bring peace, progress – LP chieftain Ogidi-Paul

Members of the Labour Party have been urged to vote massively for the party’s flagbearers in the forthcoming general elections, following the presidential rally held by the party in Edo State on Friday.

They were urged to vote because Obi’s presidency would lead to Nigeria’s progress.

The call was contained in a statement signed by Moses Ogidi-Paul, a member of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign team, who said: “Nigeria, is experiencing the best of times in its political history which will clock a century next year with general elections held for the first time on 20th September 1923.”

Continuing, the LP chieftain noted: “Since the return of democracy in 1999, our country has been a theatre for political experimentation and adventure, culminating in a ruthless withdrawal of power from the people, thinning opportunities [and] concentration of wealth in a small circle leading to the precipitation of social vices as the majority of citizens are reduced to a primordial state of survival.”

Noting that that power has been concentrated in the hands of two parties, he pointed out that Labour Party offers Nigerians a fresh of breath air.

“However, with the ObiDatti Movement, a search for Nigerians began and Nigerians have responded in the most amazing way. From marches to rallies and town hall meetings, Nigerians have demonstrated their belief in their country,” he stated.

According to him: “This explains one thing, that Nigerians have been living in a cocoon waiting to be awoken by a superior political ideology. In that cocoon, they found apathy and embraced it paving the way for ‘cash-throwing’ incompetent individuals to enter our politics polluting it with thuggery, vote buying and other malpractices currently plaguing the electoral process. But it is Uhuru today as the ObiDatti movement recreates the dreams of our founding fathers. “

He expressed confidence “that an ObiDatti presidency will bring lasting peace” and progress to Nigeria.

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