2023 Election results didn’t reflect the will of the people – AAC pesidential candidate, Sowore breaks silence

Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore, says the election results do not “reflect the will of the people”.

His statement trails the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC‘s declaration of Tinubu as the winner of the 2023 presidential election.

Yakubu said the APC standard bearer secured a total of 8,794,726 votes to win the election. Meanwhile, Sowore was only able to garner 14, 608 votes in the election.

Speaking in his state of the nation address on Wednesday, Sowore said the 2023 presidential election. He insists that INEC’s failed to electronically transmit results to its portal.

“This particular election, by their own standard, did not meet any of the legal requirements that say every election result must be scanned and uploaded to the INEC server. But there is nothing new about it, before this election, I had said INEC wasn’t ready for this election,” he said.

“We categorically condemn the election that was held on the 25th of February as a fraudulent election that didn’t meet the standard of what should be called a free, fair and credible election. There is nothing surprising about it. We knew that these criminals in our system have no interest in organising a free and fair election. What they did was a selection as they usually do, they have just given you the candidate of the choice of the criminal political elite in Nigeria.

Any figures, either for me or against me or them or against them that you see during this election were concocted and manufactured fraudulently.”, Sowore noted.

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