2020 Should Be All About Your Happiness – Says Van Vicker


Award winning Ghanaian actor Van Vicker has asserted that he is going to concentrate on his happiness alone this year and his fans should do likewise.

Van Vicker stressed that he will not go beyond his means to please anyone anymore. This he believes will make him and anyone who tries it a better person than he was last year.

He also said that he will be considerate and tolerant but never allow others to choke his happiness.

Van Vicker made this comment on his Instagram page.

2020 should be all about YOUR HAPPINESS. Yes one should be considerate, tolerant and compromising to foster harmony, however if it will choke and decelerate one’s PROGRESS/HAPPINESS, then I recommend asphyxiation of that thing or person, quickly. You shall be BETTER 360 degrees than last year, AMEN? #stayeeasy and #Godbless #theyounggodfather Photo credit- @prempixel_