2013 BBA Winner, Dillish Mathews Shares Stunning Photos As She Turns 29 Today

BBA Winner

The 2013 winner of the Big Brother Africa reality TV show, Dillish Mathews turned 29 today September 16, and she took to Instagram to share beautiful photos while celebrating her big day.

The Namibian beauty also penned down a birthday message in which she described herself as a Virgo woman and also admitted that it is a great feeling knowing you are loved by many. Dillish wrote;


“Charming, perfect, and intelligent, the Maiden seduces all that crosses her path, be it man, woman, or unicorn. The Virgoan woman is very discerning, a natural critic, and a sharp analyzer of everything and everyone. – Highly intuitive, she has the ability to sense what is off-key about a person or situation and hone into this with intent to improve. Don’t take it personally, because Virgos only mean well. –

The Virgo woman in your life is liable to wave a magic hand over chaos, imposing a gentle, perfect order on your universe”


“It’s my birthday!!! Thank you so much for the early calls, texts, DMs, emails, and the works. You guys rocks. It’s such a great feeling to know that I am loved by so many people. What a blessing! Happy birthday to all my birthday mates as well. Thank you, Jesus, for 29 healthy and happy years. Cheers yall”

Here are photos she shared below;