20-year-old California IT student hacked an IT company and hired himself


A 20-year-old college student from the Bay Area hacked an IT company(name withheld) and put himself in their payroll.

Jonas Miles Peters hired himself as a data mining assistance and he was getting paid for the Job for three months before he was caught. During those three months Jonas was busy with school and never laid a foot inside the company’s premises. The reason he did what he did was that he needed the money to pay medical bills for his mother who was diagnosed with cancer when he was 18.

When his mother asked him where he was getting the money from he told her he was an employee at the company and even show her his employee number and told hey they only want him to work part-time at their office because he can do most of the work on his laptop. He also assured her he is still in school.

He was caught when his mother tried to reach him on his phone and it was off so she called the company to check if he is working from their building. The receptionist told her Jonas does not work there but she insisted he does and gave the receptionist his employee number and that’s when the red flag was raised.

The director of the company based in East Palo Alto said he had never seen anything like that. “All of our contracts and employee details are kept online we’re a 100% digital company so if you alter something on our system we have no paper to back it up. That boy had a signed contract and everything, he’s good and I knew that letting him go will be a mistake because we would still be vulnerable. I was also touched when I saw where all the money he took was going”. Said Ryan Jones who is a director and co-founder of the company.

Ryan Jones

Ryan decides to hire Jonas as a consultant for his cybersecurity team and doubled his salary. Jonas is still going to school as usual and his mother’s bill are being paid as usual.