2 Years after K1 Still mourns late daughter Ashabi Olaronke


‘Bereavement is a darkness impenetrable to the imagination of the unbereaved’.
These words of British novelist and poet,aptly described the protracted grief of Nigerian Fuji Lord,King Wasiu Ayinde Olasunkanmi Marshal.Two years after,he still mourns his late daughter Ashabi Olaronke Marshal,who passed on at age 34years in 2017.

Till today,the fuji czar, has not come to terms with the death of his favourite daughter. Remember,on her posthumous 35th birthday in 2018, 17th July, the bereaved father, took to social media, ‘Olaronke Ashabi Adesubomi Wasilat, today 17th July could have been another opportunity to say happy 35th year birthday to you.

Yes you are not here on earth anymore, but your presence i felt every second my darling daughter and friend.

It is hard to let go though, but I have long come to realize that, “It is hard to leave in the heart of those who truly love us”.

Among many other reasons, K1 was particularly fond of Wasilat,who lived and died in Mississauga, Toronto, Canada,mbecause she was the only child of her mother, who died many years ago.

Those who knew Wasilat when she was alive, would attest to the fact that she was a lady of exemplary character and she was loved by everyone who knew her.Little wonder two years after her unfortunate passing her father still brood,he wrote,’It is now 2 years…

Olaronke Achabi, Missing you is an under statement, you are greatly missed.

My heart bleeds every minute since 2 Yrs back, but I give glory to God Almighty.
You came through me to this world and do the very best.

You are back with your God and your mother to continue to rest perfectly well.

My joy is, you completed your learning of Al Quran and understand its translation.
Walimat was done for you in the presence of all families and friends.

Yes, on the day of resurrection, I have no doubt you will bear witness before God that I am truly a good father who raised good children in this planet heart.

Rest well Omoba: Shagbola Ogoji
Okobi fosika, Kosika fenu arae wure’.