Dangote Bust Into Laughter As Teni Changes Her Name To “Teni Dangote”


A well known Nigerian singer and song writer, Teniola Apata, aka Teni thrilled her guests at an event attended by the richest man in Africa, Mr Aliko Dangote, when she changed her name from ‘Apata’ to ‘Dangote’.

Teni was seen performing her hit single ‘Case’ which she comically changed the lyrics to ‘ Cause my papa na Dangote’.

The richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote burst out laughing at Singer Teni as she changed her name to ‘Teni Dangote’ at a function.

Inadvertently, the always jovial entertainer was claiming fatherhood by Dangote. The Forbes list maker himself who appears to be a very easy-going person was seen laughing heartily to Teni’s claim.

Teni thrilled the dignitaries in attendance at the event with lyrics from he wave making hit song Case.

She however changed the lyrics to “Cause my papa na Dangote” and she asked her fans to start calling her “Teni Dangote”.