On tweeter Naira Marley said Nigerian girls are the pretttiest


Nairamarley a halfcast Nigeria hippo artist musician know as Nairamarley igbolalabi tweeted about Nigerian girls and how beautiful and pretty they are.

On his tweeter handle his tweet went like this………

“Nigerian girls are the prettiest, it’s just d belly haa”

Could his tweet about Nigerian girl be sarcastic , may those words written ironically? Or he mean what exactly he tweeted? This tweet has be baffling my humble mind some hours ago.

If unfortunately those written letters are irony what do you suggest Nigerian girls will look like to other countries, different from Africa? Won’t this be a trash on mama Africa’s attire?

And if fortunately his tweet isn’t irony and he mean each single letters of that statement? That mean black is beautiful and glamour to eyes, black is beautiful as darkness beautify the night and clothing its naked gloomy hours.