19-year-old Ukrainian beautiful girl has tried so many hair colors that you dare not to try.


Although it is said that the beautiful Ukrainian girl is still young, she already has a very high popularity on Instagram. It is probably because of her personality. In the beginning, she was in a very elegant manner. Since she cut off her hair, she turned into a “hair dying machine”, and she dares to try all kinds of unsual hair color. Her style attracted many teenagers. She even dyes her eyebrows with the same color every time she dyes her hair.

She always choose a lighter yellow. This color is generally difficult to be matched. Most people can’t dye this kind of hair, and if the skin color is not white, it is definitely a disaster. However, this color seems to be just right on her head. It is so bright and beautiful. She also dyed a super bright pink purple not long ago.

No matter what color she tried, it looks good. She has a color-changing magic! let’s enjoy the beautiful hair color of this beautiful girl!

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