18 year old boy facing death penalty for killing his mum’s abusive boyfriend


18 year old Treveon Jones has been charged with murder and is facing death penalty if found guilty. According to police report, Treveon attacked and killed his mum’s abusive live-in-lover in Houston, Texas after he caught the man, 40 year old Frederick Wallace, brutally attacking his mom in front of her small children – Treveon’s two brothers.

Treveon was said to have been alerted about the beating going on in a parking lot and he took a friend and a gun with him. When he saw the condition his mother was in, he first physically attacked the man then shot him multiple times with a semi-automatic rifle…

Eye-witnesses called police and Treveon was arrested. Authorities say the woman had suffered domestic abuse from Wallace for years but Treveon shouldn’t have taken the law into his hands.


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