Kiss Daniel is Obsessed with Brymo, Says Brymo’s Vocals Should Be Studied, Then a Miracle Happened


It seems Nigerian Musician Kiss Daniel just discovered that Nigeria has a musician as vocally blessed as Brymo.

The “Jaho” crooner was all over Twitter today, January 26, 2020 showering love and respect on Brymo via a series of tweets.

He started the whole display of love for Brymo by tweeting: “Brymo Brymo Brymo Brymo” with two emojis illustrating a crown and a microphone.

His Twitter followers began to wonder what prompted the tweet. Some of them started speculating via the comment box that he and Brymo are probably cooking up something together.

Minutes later, Kiss Daniel dropped another tweet about Brymo. This time around, the singer wrote: “Brymo’s vocals should be studied”. And then, the suspicion that they are both cooking something together became louder.

Some of his Twitter followers who decided not to speculate started talking about how underrated Brymo has been in the music industry despite his enormous musical skills and vocal power. Others began to urge Kiss Daniel to attempt a collaboration with Brymo if that was not already in the pipeline.

As if that was not enough, the singer tweeted a short adlib he did on Brymo’s vocal. The vocal was an excerpt from the classic chorus Brymo sang on “Oleku”. In the caption, Kiss Daniel wrote: “Na mehn!! I’m obsessed

And then, Kiss Daniel dropped the mother of all the series of tweets he has been sharing in praises of Brymo. He tweeted a screenshot of a private chat he had with Brymo this morning. In the chat, he asked Brymo for a joint song and Brymo agreed.

“Like Play Like Play, Gbedu Go Drop
We can’t wait for the outcome of this creative joint. It will surely be a masterpiece because Brymo and Kiss Daniel are not known for bad songs.