My Father Pays Me N60K To Sleep With Him – Yoruba Girl Discloses


A young lady called Tife from Oyo state has shockingly revealed why and how she’s been sleeping with her own father.

Tife who is due for university disclosed her ordeal to her counsellor, seeking advice on what to do.

She said it all began when her father caught her undressing. According to her, the weird look on her dad’s face made her suspected he had s*xual feelings for her.

Her dad from then played with her
b@@bies until they started having interc0urse.

Tife noted that they initiated s*x when she hugged her dad one day when he returned from a business trip.

They started indulging in s*x right from then, and her mum wasn’t aware until she caught her coming from her father’s room with just a towel wrapped around her.

Her mother became suspicious and started monitoring their activities. She eventually caught them kissing and that broke the relationship between her and her mum.

To Tife, her father isn’t using rituals to bonk her because sometimes she calls for it, and anytime that happens, her father pays her 50,000 to 60,000 Naira.