Why DJ Jimmy Jatt ‘A Royal Prince’ Said He Doesn’t Want Male Child


Although, he is blessed with two lovely daughters, Oyindamola and Oyinlola, African number one disc jockey, Oluwaforijimi ‘Jimmy’ Adewale Amu, aka DJ Jimmy Jatt has said he doesn’t want a male child!

DJ Jimmy Jatt is from a royal home in Africa where male children are of utmost importance and seen as a symbol of succession but, he said he’s not considering having a male child at all.

He confided in a friend who had jokingly asked him why he is not concerned about his royalhood and the birth of a male child that, “It’s not needed, and to be honest with you, I’ve come to realize, I think God gives you what you want. For me, I’m happy because I’m a bit hard with men. I don’t tolerate nonsense. But with the ladies, I’m just the sweetest person.

So, my girls are like my girlfriends, my wife is my wife. They don’t do no wrong, they can’t do any wrong. Females are meant to be pampered and I like to pamper people. So, I’m just glad that that’s what I have.”

He also said, “it’s true I’m from a royal family, I’m from the 10th ruling house in my town and I don’t think the throne will get to the 10th ruling house in another God knows how many generations. See my friend, even if it comes to my house, I’m not the first son in my house, so it won’t come to me. So, I don’t need that boy, boy, boy factor.”

“Most times people tell me: you should have more kids but I’m like, I’m okay with the two (Oyindamola and Oyinlola).

Besides, I’m very excited with the three female in my life. They are the best things that have happened to me.”

DJ Jimmy Jatt have been married to her lovely wife, Jennifer for over 23 years now.