12 Signs He Is Really Into You For Better,


There’s one question you never want to say out loud, that incessantly runs through your head when dating – “Is he really that into me?” The age-old question still seems to be a mystery, but why? After all, surely it should be easy to notice if a guy has taken a serious fancy to your adorable self. Why are the signs so hard to decipher? Why can’t he just come right out and say he’s into you? Is he just pretending, to get you into bed?

The good news is, actions speak louder than words. When it comes down to it, if he’s got his eye on you for more than just a fun night out, his actions will prove his intentions. Game-players, while confident in their ability to woo you with words, won’t usually back them up with sincere effort.

How do you tell if he’s sincere? If you think he might be a player out for one thing, you don’t have to take his word for it – you need to take note of his actions. Doing so also helps you decipher intentions, if your guy just isn’t ready to express his feelings with words.

He will proactively call and text you

There’s nothing worse than giving a guy your number and waiting expectantly for a text…that never comes. Or, when he does decide to contact you, it’s at 2:00am on a Sunday morning, two weeks later.

Though you can think up a million excuses as to why he hasn’t made an effort, this is usually a sure-fire sign that he’s not that into you. On the other hand, a guy who’s into you is actually thinking about you. He’s curious and interested beyond the possibility of sex. He’ll text just to say hello, to see how your day’s going or to tell you something funny and make you laugh.

More than likely, he’ll call for no other reason than to hear your voice or to say how much he enjoyed your date. He simply can’t help it because you’re on his mind, and he wants to make sure he’s also on yours.

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