“10 Years + And still counting”, Helen Paul celebrates wedding anniversary with hubby


‘As the sad are mourning and grieving, so are the joyful rejoicing’ is the case of comedian and actress Helen Paul.
As Nigerians are mourning the passing away of President Buhari’s Chief of Staff Abba Kayri, Dr Helen Paul is celebrating her 10th Anniversary with her best friend and hubby Femi Bamisile.

The actress took to Instagram to share cute pictures of her and her beau, appreciating him for many thinhs in her captions. “Thank you for allowing me be me. Thank you for everything my Padi“, “My hubby, Everly glad to have you. Boss Man!“, “My Best Friend. Happy Anniversary to us. 10 years + and still counting“, she wrote on different posts of their pictures.

She further shared a picture of herself in her wedding dress on the D-day with her little bride, mixed with a current snap of the then young girl who is now in a tertiary institution, saying she is now a big girl.