10 year old boy stabs 16 year old boy for proposing to his girlfriend


The world has finally come to an end. Parents have failed, the system has failed and the whole has failed the young ones.

The people of Bududa is in a state of shock as 10 year old recalcitrant pupil of Buwali Primary School in Bududa, a local district in eastern Uganda has murdered a 16 year old boy in cold blood.

It is alleged that the kid stabbed the elder with a knife, reason being that the elder proposed love to his girlfriend. He stabbed him around his lower abdomen which made him bleed to death.

The Ugandan police is currently hunting down the kid who has absconded with his father. The Police District Commander, Mr. Jaffer Magyezi has declared them wanted by the state.

He said:

” We are hunting for the pupil, who is currently on the run with his father following the death of his colleague”.

Sam Watsosi, the deceased, has been placed at the morgue.