10 Games To Make Your Bridal Shower Exciting

  1. Guess the Panties:  Each guest brings in a new pair of underwear that reminds them of the bride. Can the bride guess which guest brought in which one?

  2. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game: The bride gets all decked out in a toilet paper dress in this hilarious, fast-paced game.

  3. Loose Lips:  Decide on a few curse words for the party. If one of the ladies slips and says it, they’ll have to perform an embarrassing dare.

  4. What’s in your smart phone?: Each lady scores points for what she has in her cell phone, ranging from the most contacts to a dating app.

  5. What’s in the bag?: Have each guest feel odd shaped objects from the bride’s purse and try to guess what they are.

  6. Who knows the bride best?: The bride should have a list of crazy questions about herself and ask her friends

  7. A word scramble is the perfect bridal shower game to have your friends get started on right away. As they wait for the festivities to begin they can start unscrambling the wedding and bride related words

  8. Add the name of the couple at the top of a piece of paper for each friend and have them create words from the letters in the couples’ names. You can time this game and give a prize to the person who comes up with the highest number of words

  9. Discovery Game: Guests will work their way around the room trying to find things they have in common with the other guests.

  10. Finally the friends of the bride to be should come together and help her write her vows



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