10 Things You Do In Nigeria That Make People Label You A “Bad Girl” NO 9 Will Surprise You


Nigerians like arriving at ridiculous conclusions.

It is so funny how people make assumptions without doing any research and just conclude that a girl is bad. Here are some things that make Nigerians tag a girl as bad.

1. Wearing skimpy clothing

Sometimes the weather is just too hot, but in Nigeria people always want girls to be fully covered up. If you aren’t you’re definitely a bad girl.

2. Using a lot of makeup

Girls that wear a lot of makeup and have their faces on fleek at all times are usually labelled as good for nothing. We can’t help but wonder who came up with this.

3. Clubbing

If you think going to the club to have a good time and let your hair down is innocent fun, think again. You will be tagged and labelled as a [email protected]$t!tute with no home training.

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