10 things I love about my husband – Kunle Remi’s wife, Tiwi gushes

Beloved and widely sought after Nigerian film actor, Kunle Remi, surprised many with his wedding announcement at the end of the year 2023.

The actor had made this known in an Instagram post on Sunday, December 31st with loved-up photos of himself and his bride, Tiwi.

Apparently, Kunle Remi and Tiwi tied the knot in the “fall of 2023”.

In a new interview – their first since getting married – Tiwi opened up about Kunle Remi, why she fell in love with him, and what she loves most about him.

Speaking about 10 things that she loves about the actor as well as what attracted her to him, Tiwi said:

“Well, he was [1] witty, [2] reserved, and [3] self-assured. And [4] physically, there was no missing his Popeye arms and incredible smile. On a lighter note, his tight trousers and [5] jewelry caught my attention. Hehe. I now know he owns more jewelry than me!

“[6]He has a gigantic heart! I don’t know how it fits into his body! [7]He also has a genuine love for everyone and sees people where they are; [8]he’s humble, which is a very attractive trait to me.

[9]While he is recapping any event – he can have me on the floor belly laughing with the many voices and animations he uses to tell stories…even in the most mundane moments of a day he is sharing, he brings out the color. [10]I also love seeing him get ready and tuck himself into bed after a long day – many inside jokes with this one.”

Finally, speaking about songs she would use to describe their love life, Tiwi who recently warned Nigerian ladies to stay away from her man said:

“Haha! Hmm… Let me think. Perhaps:

1. A whole new world (Aladdin),

2. Hakuna Matata (Lion King), and

3. Thinking out Loud (Ed Sheeran)

Do I sound like a 5-year old or what?!.”

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