10 reasons why you shouldn’t quit doing something good


Why do you want to quit on something so great? Why should you quit on something that could be of benefit ? What is your excuse? Are you scared of something?

You should have a good reason for quitting on something important.i I bet you have tried and tried and still not getting it, yes!! I have also faced a lot of difficulties and challenges but that doesn’t make me think of quitting.

These are 10 words of motivation you should read before planning to quit.

1. Age wrinkles the body but quitting wrinkles the soul

2. Fall if you may, crawl if you may, cry if you may, suffer temporary if you may, but quitting is a taboo.

3. When you feel like quitting remember why you started

4. Silence is not always a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strong self control

5. You cannot control the fact people will annoy you, However you can control your reaction.

6.People achieve great success in life at different point in time, Some at a young age and others at old age. So don’t quit ,stay focused

7. The past is where you learn the lesson, the future is where you apply the lesson, don’t give up in the middle.

8. A road without a Bus stop is probably a road that leads nowhere so be specific.

9. A journey without a destination is a journey that bring no gain, so don’t give up yet.

10. Faith is not about everything turning out OK!! but it’s about been OK.

“No matter how things turn out, do not ever give up