1 lesson to learn from Cynthia Morgan’s mistake


The music business is not all beds of roses. If you make any mistakes when you are signing your contract, that mistake would come to hunt you in the future. It might even cost you all you earned in the past and bring you too rock bottom.

Record labels are not smiling when it comes to the contract, they make sure they gain more than anything. Most Nigeria record labels give out slave contracts to people, before the artist realizes what is going on and wants out, it’s always difficult and results in fighting.

One of the biggest mistakes that Cynthia Morgan now Madrina made was not reviving the contract she signed very well. If she had requested for the help of a lawyer that knows the music business and how contracts can be, she wouldn’t have found herself in the place she is today.

She was not given a car, a house or even her upkeeps taken care of when she signed the contract. She saw all the contract entailed and went on signing out of ignorance and not properly evaluating the contract. Most contracts were supposed to come with at least an apartment, a car and money for upkeep, but hers didn’t, instead, she was given her percentage after Jude most have recovered the money he spent on videos, then they share the remaining. The contract she had was a devils contract if I may say.

Asides from the contract coming with a car and other little benefits, Madrina didn’t try to weigh her options before signing the contract. This can only happen if she was in a hurry to be heard that she forgot that it’s not all about now but also about the future.

Now she lost her Vevo account, Instagram account and her stage name. No royalties were given to her. She went from 100 to 0 because of her own mistake. This was the same thing that happened to Ycee before he left Tinny Entertainment, Kiss Daniels had the same issue with G worldwide which saw him change the kiss in his name to Kizz, Solidstar as well lost will his royalties to Achievers records all because of contract issues.

Madrina’s biggest mistake was rushing to be heard without properly understanding the contract she signed. That brings us to the lesson of her story which is, don’t rush to be heard because of the fun part of being famous. Think twice before signing the contract, get a legal practitioner that will advise you on the choices you are about to make. If you don’t do that, you might find yourself in the situation Madrina is in or the situation Kizz Daniels, Ycee, Solidstar, Brymo and many others were in.

Having a taste of fame and not having it again might lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. To avoid all that, don’t rush to sign any contract because of fame. Weigh your options very well before signing. Try as much as possible not to sign a slave contract.