“YOU ARE A DOG” Actor Olu Jacob Recount Experience with White Lady


It is a well-known fact that Olu Jacobs, Nigeria’s seasoned actor, cut his teeth in Britain in the 1960s. The records, at least, say that the man who recently turned 75 was trained at the prestigious Royal Academy of the Arts in London and featured in a lot of British theatre and film productions till he returned to Nigeria many years later. But, many of them do not know that he had to disobey his father to make the journey to that country.

Jacobs, in an interview, described his father as the only obstacle that initially stood between him and a burning ambition to relocate to England and start a career in acting.

He said, “My Dad did not want me to go to England. I was his favorite child. When I said that I wanted to act, he said I should do something else and not anything that would take me away from him.”

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